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Modern Cadastre, Paving Ground for Electronic City

Modern Cadastre, Paving Ground for Electronic City in Iran
5thSASTech 2011, Khavaran Higher-education Institute, Mashhad, Iran. May 12-14- Oral
Mehrshad Khalaj, Elham Lashkari
Electronic city (E-city) has entered into urban planning literature to reduce or prevent challenges in big cities. Iran has exerted efforts for formation of information and knowledge based society in order to achieve E-cities in line with the targets set in Vision 2025.Iran designated the Persian Gulf island of Kish as the country’s first E-city in 2000. The move led to official introduction of E-cities to the country. Mashhad, Hamedan, Ilam, Shiraz, Qeshm and Tehran became E-cities consequently.Iran embraced new approaches and ideas such as E-cities immediately after its creation. However, it has been unable to reach its defined targets despite passage of many years. Various reasons can be listed for the failure including lack of required investments, but lack of needed information infrastructures can be listed as the most important challenge facing E-cities to reach targets in Iran.One of the elements needed for E-city is the existence of the cadastre system as a land information system. The cadastre system can shorten the red-tapes and numerous visits by agents. The cadastre system is an acceptable and comprehensive information base for urban management bodies. In other words, it is like an electronic signature for electronic identity of individuals and electronic identity of an estate.The paper refers to modern cadastre as a must for formation of E-city. It assesses the system and its current situation in Iran and the necessity for change in its condition in Iran to prepare the ground for materialization of digital city.
Keywords: Electronic City (E-City), Modern Cadastre, Land Information System (LIS)
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