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The Role & Effect of Multipurpose Cadastre

The Role & Effect of Multipurpose Cadastre on the Improvement of Urban Development Plans in Iran
5th i-Rec Conference & Workshop: Participatory Design and Appropriate Technology for Post-Disaster Reconstruction, Ahmedabad INDIA-2010

Mehrshad Khalaj, Elham Lashkari

Urban land is one of the most valuable economic and social resources of each nation. The main objective of urban development plans is to set up an approach to control and direct the development, rehabilitation and recovery of the cities in order to prepare a better living place for city dwellers. A survey on Iran’s urban development plans shows that they, despite significant changes, have been prepared based on survey/analysis/plan approach. However, in the recent decade some aspects such as the success of the plan, execution and supervision, and public participation and social justice have been taken into consideration
Majority of researches conducted on Iranian plans indicate that they have been almost unsuccessful in terms of draft, execution and goal achievement. These plans have been mainly and practically unsuccessful because they are in contradiction with the property rights as well as customary rights recognized by the citizens. Lack or shortage of essential statistics and information can be listed as another reason of the failure of these plans
In the present article, applying the Delphi technique, it has been mentioned that utilizing multipurpose cadastre system as a land information system can minimize or even remove the failures facing urban development plans in Iran
Keywords: Multipurpose Cadastre, Delphi Technique, Urban Development Plan, Rehabilitation, Recovery
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