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Multipurpose Cadastre, Essential for Urban Development

Multipurpose Cadastre, Essential for Urban Development Plans in Iran
International Conference on Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation, Paris, France- 2010
Mehrshad Khalaj, Elham Lashkari
Majority of researches conducted on Iranian urban development plans indicate that they have been almost unsuccessful in terms of draft, execution and goal achievement. Lack or shortage of essential statistics and information can be listed as an important reason of the failure of these plans. Lack of figures and information has turned into an obvious part of the country’s statistics officials. This problem has made urban planner themselves to embark on physical surveys including real estate and land pricing, population and economic census of the city. Apart from the problems facing urban developers, the possibility of errors is high in such surveys

 In the present article, applying the interview technique, it has been mentioned that utilizing multipurpose cadastre system as a land information system is essential for urban development plans in Iran. It can minimize or even remove the failures facing urban development plans
Keywords: Multipurpose Cadastre, Urban Development Plan (UDP), Land Information System (LIS), Interview Technique

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