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An Investigation on the Effects of Highways on the City

An Investigation on the Effects of Highways on the City Structure
Case study: Imam Ali Highway crossing Moft Abad neighborhood, District 13, Tehran. Iran

3rd International Conference Transport Science and Technology Congress (TRANSTEC) New Delhi, INDIA- 2010
Elham Lashkari- Mehrshad Khalaj
City highways are constructed in order to satisfy the increasing need for transportation between different parts of the city. The construction of a highway is not just a physical development in the city structure, and it has a wide range of results on the city. These consequences should be studied and analyzed in order to determine the best methods to confront them
The construction of city highways with the ideas related to highroads generally results in the destruction of natural spaces, gardens, green spaces and the city structure and the importance of forming the concept of the city is neglected
A highway is not only a transportation path, but also has a vital performance in the complicated structure of the city. The effects of a highway on the city structure are not limited to its primary building effects and a number of actions and reactions which influence geographical and financial aspects of the city residential spaces are activated as a result. This defines some characteristics for a city highway including a great cost for possessing land, complicated economical and social issues, construction problem and the importance of redeveloping highway side and faces
Construction of highways in Iran, especially in metropolises, is a necessity, and they have an important role in the transportation, especially with regional and inter regional function. Imam Ali highway has been studied in the present article. This highway is the only south-north highway in east Tehran. The effects of the highway crossing Moft Abad neighborhood, with deteriorated structure, has been investigated using SWOT model. Proposing a series of action to reduce the negative effects of this highway on the city structure has been the main target of this study, and the potentials made by this highway has been stated
Key Words: City Structure, Highway, Imam Ali Highway, Moft Abad Neighborhood, Deteriorated Structure
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